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My second release on Dimbideep, Time Slip, this time "with 5 massive Dubtronica tracks, full of deep basslines and noisy atmospheres"

Dive into the atmospheric world of rich ambient textures and deep basses with the latest offering from Tehnofonica Records -'Deep & Dub Vol.3', with my track 'Wormholes Are Friendly Places' finding a spot on the release.

FREE!! The remix album of Goran Geto's track 'Chords and Clouds' is out, with my track at #3 in the playlist.

Details here, and direct download (750mb .wav files) here.

FREE!! Deep Simplism (Part I) released on Deeptakt Records - 4 tracks of once again, deep, minimal, dub techno, but this time for FREE!! Go grab yourself a copy now!
Overlapping Gaps is released!5 tracks of deep, minimal dub techno. Get your copy here!

Overlapping Gaps, a deep, minimal dub techno 5-track EP will be released on September 22nd. Until then you can find samples of the tracks here!
Sounds Of The Blue Planet Deeptakt Records have just released my EP 'Sounds Of The Blue Planet'. Deep, minimal dub techno. Purcahse via Bandcamp here!

My E.P 'Sounds Of The Blue Planet' will be released through Deeptakt Records June 23, 2014.

The Next Mission: Part 3 Dubmission Records have just released 'The Next Mission: Part 3' compilation featuring three SUBSET tracks, with vocals by Julia Dietrich on the track 'Ghostline'. Purcahse via Bandcamp here!

'Ketamine Dream' was featured as part of's weekly podcast #50.

Just uploaded two new tracks to soundcloud. Interbody Fusion, a nice deep dub track with flute melodies, DEEP bass, and some groove ( this is a favourite), and Room 410a breaks track that started life in a hospital.

Renegade Media have released the first promo set from their latest competition. Great set of tracks, check out track #6 Echoes (The Remixes Volume One).

FREE DUB! Download here a free copy of the October Dub EP.

Pitch Black's UK label has just released a 15 track sampler featuring SUBSET's Harmonia remix.

Just announced, SUBSET's track 'City' featuring vocals by Julia Dietrich has released on Volume 30 of the 'Sounds Like Cafe' compilation CD.

SUBSET's remix of New Zealand electronic music pioneers Pitch Black is now available on their Harmonia PT1 EP.

Harmonia (SUBSET's Open Spaces Dub) is also available as a bonus track on their Rhythm Sound & Movement album.

Breaks / Electrohouse track ONE POINT ONE DEGREES has just been released on the new Circuit Breaker2 CD.

The CD can be bought from or downloaded from iTunes.

In conjunction with the release Lightsounds are holding a MashUp competition of the tracks with some great prizes on offer.

Read a review of the CD from 3D World here.

Contact SUBSET via email
Or by phone in Australia: +61 410 212 932

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SUBSET: Four parts dub, one part house, equal parts breaks and drum n bass, dusted with an organic blend of evolving atmospheres and live filtering delays.  Served fresh in the Sunday sun or deep on a dance-wood floor. Twice chilled for added grooveability. Grown in New Zealand.

Producing a wide-ranging collage of ambient, dub, breaks and drum & bass, SUBSET originally began life as Right Eye Syndrome, writing tracks to pass between friends basing works on movies and TV shows such as The Simpsons, Office Space, and created a rather heavy version of The Smurfs theme song.
Although these found great appeal, copyright infringement was high and so to avoid possible legal battles these were never released for sale.
SUBSET now produces entirely original music, ranging from dark ambient dub, through groove, and into breaks and drum & bass.

SUBSET has two main areas of focus - the studio production of the music, and the live presentation and manipulation of the music.
SUSBET is not a DJ, and is not a band in the traditional sense. One person, live on stage, and a vision.

Like most musicians influences are wide and varying but draw deep connections with the dub, drum & bass and electronic music of New Zealand.

After almost a year away on overseas adventures, SUBSET returns with remixes of Pitch Black (see their Rhythm Sound & Movement album or their brand new Harmonia Pt1 EP), and a release on the upcoming Circuit Breaker2 Compilation (Australia) to be released mid 2010.

SUBSET has been recognised as a 'Highly Commended' artist in the Dance category of the 2010 Australian QSong Awards, and had a soundscape / soundart track released by Sonic Artstar on the Singing Bridges Vibrations CD - a collection of tracks created using the sounds generated by suspension bridges recorded with contact microphones.

SUBSET has been a finalist in the Australian Noise Festival, had tracks played at the Perth Fringe Festival, on JJJ and ABC Classic FM radio, been a finalist in the SOYA (Spirit Of Youth Awards), and written music for an independent documentary on the Australian legal system titled "For we are Young and Free?".

As one reviewer says: "...when you hear the progressive breaks of SUBSET... one thing's clear - the future is indeed looking bright for dance music..."

Contact SUBSET via email
Or by phone in Australia: +61 410 212 932

Album Review

Circuit Breaker 2

Lightsounds put out a call late last year for original
music submissions and once again the tracks flooded in.
250 entries and several hundred hours sifting through
the multitude of styles later, the final selection was made.
Circuit Breaker 2 once again represents a varied snapshotof original Australian music in 2010. Hip hop, electro, tech, house, indie and rock are all covered in a genre free compilation designed to promote Circuit Breaker artists to the masses.